Prizes & awards

Several prizes are awarded annually to Cochrane contributors:

Deadline for nominations 17 July 2015!! Contact Maria Burgess.

The Thomas C Chalmers Award is awarded at each Cochrane Colloquium to the principal author of the best oral and the best poster presentation addressing methodological issues related to systematic reviews.

The Kenneth Warren Prize is awarded at each Cochrane Colloquium to the principal author of whichever Cochrane Review authored by a national living in a developing country is judged to be both of high methodological quality and relevant to health problems in developing countries.

The Chris Silagy Prize is awarded at each Cochrane Colloquium to an individual who has made an "extraordinary" contribution to the work of Cochrane which would not be recognised outside the scope of this prize.

The Bill Silverman Prize is awarded at each Cochrane Colloquium to acknowledge explicitly the value of criticism of Cochrane, with a view to helping to improve its work, and thus achieve its aim of helping people make well-informed decisions about health care by providing the best possible evidence on the effects of healthcare interventions.

The Anne Anderson Award was publicly announced at the Keystone Colloquium in October 2010, to be awarded annually at Cochrane Colloquia. It is intended explicitly to inspire and recognise women for their achievements.