Why sponsor?

 Why does Cochrane need your support?

Budgets for Cochrane Colloquia are prepared to cover costs only, and the expenses for holding Cochrane Colloquia are usually met largely from registration charges because Cochrane policies prohibit funding from conflicted sources, such as the drug or medical device industry. Unfortunately, this results in high registration costs that are unfortunately often a barrier to participation.

We hope to raise this additional funding through sponsorships from universities, institutions, and organisations involved in health research, health care, knowledge translation; and from Austrian and international government agencies in order to reduce the registration costs of all participants, but in particular those from low- and middle- income countries (LMIC) and those who are granted travel support through Cochrane’s formal stipend process.

Why sponsor?

Cochrane Colloquia are more than a scientific conference; we provide training at basic and advanced levels, opportunities for scientific exchange and meetings, promotion of the highest-quality research in evidence-based health care, and the opportunity to further methods and ensure that all researchers can meet the ongoing challenge of addressing globally important healthcare questions.

In Vienna we will also have the opportunity to encourage new contributors from Europe and the German-speaking region, as well as cement partnerships with organisations that share Cochrane’s commitment to evidence-based health care.

With presence at the Colloquium as a sponsor, your logo and/or profile will appear in the program and on slides, you can choose to exhibit in the communal meeting and poster area, and your organisation will be recognized as a supporter of this great effort.

How to Sponsor