International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board - 2015 Vienna Colloquium

The International Advisory Board reflects the international orientation of Cochrane and includes experts from around the world who also represent different stakeholders and their perspectives. These people have an advisory and advocacy role for the colloquium in their organisations and regions as well as providing input on the scientific program and plenary sessions.

(in alphabetical order)

Elie Akl (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Gerd Antes (German Cochrane Centre, Germany)

Christian Baicus

Malgorzata Bala (Jagiellonian University Medical College; Polish Branch of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, Poland)

Hilda Bastian

Stephanie Chang (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, USA)

Tamás Decsi (Cochrane Hungary)

Julian Elliott (Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Australia)

Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina (Kazan Federal University, Russia)

Damian K. Francis (University of the West-Indies; Caribbean Cochrane Branch, US)

Carl Heneghan (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, UK)

Harald Herkner (Department for Emergency Medicine, Medical University Vienna, Austria)

Lotty Hooft (The Dutch Cochrane Centre; Julius Centre, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Gro Jamtvedt (Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services, Norway)

Jos Kleijnen (Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd., UK)

Tamara Kredo (South African Cochrane Centre; South African Medical Research Council, South Africa)

Chris Mavergames (Informatics & Knowledge Management Cochrane Central Executive, UK)

Gabriele Meyer (Institute for Health and Nursing Science, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

Susan Norris (World Health Organization)

Herwig Ostermann (Deparmtment of Health Economics, Austrian Health Institute, Austria)

Donald L. Patrick (University of Washington Seattle, USA)

Milo Puhan (Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Prevention Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Philippe Ravaud (Centre d'Epidemiologie Clinique, Hotel Dieu / French Cochrane Centre, France)

Eva Rehfuess (Institute of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany)

Maria Ximena Royas-Reyes (Departamento de Epidemiología Clínica y Bioestadística / Colombian Cochrane Centre, Colombia)

Irmgard Schiller-Fruehwirth (Hauptverband der Österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger, Austria)

Holger Schunemann (Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University, Canada)

Andrea Siebenhofer-Kroitzsch (Institute of General Practice and Health Services Research, Medical University Graz, Austria)

Uwe Siebert

Hyeong Sik Ahn (Korean Branch of the Australasian Cochrane Centre)

Erik von Elm (Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine Lausanne / Swiss Cochrane Branch, Switzerland)

Tom Walley

Elizabeth Waters

Claudia Wild (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment Vienna, Austria)

Taryn Young (Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University / South African Cochrane Centre, South Africa)

Irena Zarkarija-Grkovic (University of Split, Croatia)