Googling for grey: using Google and Duckduckgo to find grey literature


LRO 3.6


Lunch rapid oral session 3: Information retrieval


Sunday 4 October 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00


All authors in correct order:

Hagstrom C1, Kendall S2, Cunningham H1
1 University of Toronto, Canada
2 Mt. Sinai Hospital Library, Canada
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Presenting author:

Carla Hagstrom

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Abstract text
Background: Using search engines such as Google or Duckduckgo for literature searches can result in literally millions of citations. Results depend on various elements, such as the search engine's page ranking, or the user's habitual search patterns.
Objectives: Google and Duckduckgo can be effectively used to retrieve government or other institutional reports and other hard-to-find grey literature.
Methods: We will demonstrate how Google and Duckduckgo function. We will compare the two search engines and will give examples of how they can be searched to eliminate many irrelevant results.
Results: Different types of grey literature can be found using Google and Duckduckgo.
Conclusions: Using search engines such as Google and Duckduckgo need not be as onerous as one might think when looking for grey literature.